Founder Series | The Art of Fate

Founder Series: A series in which Boston Green Blog interviews business owners in the sustainability world who are creating conscious businesses to better the health of the planet and its citizens.


We are kicking off our founder series with Jackie Dacanay, owner of The Art of Fate. Jackie is a native New Englander, and her business, The Art of Fate is based in Boston. We recently visited her and toured her inventory of jewelry and clean beauty products.


She started her business after working in the fashion industry for years and was concerned with the lack of transparency, waste, toxic culture, and lack of consciousness fashion houses have when it comes to labor, sourcing, and profits. Her vision for Art of Fate is based on conscious fashion, clean beauty, and lifestyle products that are sustainable. In her own words:

“My mission for THE ART OF FATE was to build a luxury fashion house founded on the principles of environmental awareness and social good. I believe the fashion industry has a moral responsibility to use conscious business practices and also give back to the community it serves. My goal was to bridge the gap between fashion and social change.”


Jackie has developed a partnership with One Tree Planted, her business helped plant 390 trees in 2017 throughout California and Oregon in areas impacted by wildfires. 

Jackie has created a beautifully curated collection of jewelry and clean beauty and lifestyle products. We are excited to see where she takes her brand, The Art of Fate in the coming years!

Written by Amanda Shea. Photos by Casey Byrd