Boston Green Blog Featured on NECN's "Does It Work"

I was recently approached by NECN to help review a mysterious "green" laundry product. Laundry has a huge carbon footprint, especially in the U.S., where the average family does about 400 loads per year!  

Leslie Gaydos hosts a segment called "Does It Work?" and she had been curious about this seemingly magical laundry ball that claimed it would clean 1,500 loads without detergent.  The plastic ball is filled with ceramic beads that change the pH level of the water to clean your clothes and remove smells. Watch the video to see if the ball works!

Buyer beware: Though this product would last a long time and therefore have a small carbon footprint than many detergents, I am very skeptical of the washer ball because the ingredients are not listed. I am a huge advocate for business transparency, and I don't like the idea of not knowing what I am putting on my clothes and into the waterways.