Green Substitution: Swap Vaseline for Waxelene

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I have very sensitive skin and am constantly battling eczema outbreaks (sorry if that is an overshare hah!). Last year, my doctor suggested that I protect the eczema-prone areas of my skin with Vaseline. My heart  dropped when she said this because I've been working for years to rid my cosmetic shelf of petroleum-based products! But, I have to agree with my doctor, that petroleum jelly was an effective skin protector. Luckily, a representative from Waxelene recently contacted me about their organic beeswax alternative to petroleum jelly. I received a sample in the mail and have been testing it out for a couple weeks - and despite a different consistency, Waxelene works just as well as traditional petroleum jelly.

Waxelene is a great product and is an alternative to petroleum jelly that provides all of the same benefits, but is safe for consumer health and the environment. If you're interested, check it out at the bath and body section of Whole Foods.