Blog Spotlight: Live Hi Up

I'm always on the lookout for fun green living blogs. Today's blog spotlight is of Live Hi Up, an amazing  green lifestyle blog I discovered a couple weeks ago. Though its not Boston-based, Live Hi Up has eco-fashion stories, shopping advice, and green beauty tips that are relevant for ecofashionistas everywhere.

The author, Angela Moorer (pictured above), explains that her blog is about understanding the environmental and societal impact of your actions - a great blog mission if I do say so myself! The blog has many focus areas, including style and beauty, health, exercise, music, art, love and other creative entities that bring people to a conscious state of mind. I love that Angela touches on so many topics and talks about her lifestyle as a whole.

So, why check out Live Hi Up? Well, to read:
Natural hair tips
Product reviews
Company & charity spotlights
Eco-fashion events
Thrift store hauls
Outfit posts
Outfit ideas
Inspirational musings
DIY tutorials
Anything beautiful that will uplift your life.

oh, and the occasional cupcake recipe.