BGB Gets a Content Makeover

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So, up until recently there has been no real rhyme or reason to the content of my posts - but now, to make Boston Green Blog more manageable for all you readers, I am going to post certain types of content on specific days of the week. Hopefully this will make BGB more navigable. I am very excited about this new format, and would love to hear your thoughts!

Mondays - New Perspectives. Each Monday I will feature a post from a guest author.

Tuesdays - Green Tip Tuesdays. Fresh green living ideas coming at ya every Tues.

Wednesdays - Review Wednesdays. Product reviews, business reviews, event reviews and more.

Thursdays - Pencil It In. Notable events happening in greater Boston.

Fridays - Fun Fact Fridays. A mixed bag of informative green topics.