5 Green Living Apps for iPhone

image courtesy of CBSnews.com

LevelUp - This may not be officially as "green" as the other apps on my list, but LevelUp is at the top because I use it the most. Save paper by paying electronically (no receipt needed - it gets e-mailed to you instantly). LOVE this app, and bonus, the company is based in Boston!

One Small Act iPhone
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One Small Act - Make green living goals, follow through, and get points!

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Good Guide - this app is my new obsession. Scan the bar code of a product (or search by name) and Good Guide will give you an environmental rating and a health rating of the given product. Amazing!

Seafood Watch Application Shopping for Seafood
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Seafood Watch - remember those cards that people used to carry around in their wallets that explained which seafood was safe to order? How old fashioned! Get the app -  it is both easier to read and harder to lose.

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Do It Gorgeously - Yes, Gorgeously Green has its own app with tips, videos, shopping lists and more. This one is great for when you're bored and ready to get some new green living ideas.

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