Tonight: EcoSession Sustainable Textiles & Techniques Spanning India & Boston

One of my favorite blogs, Magnifeco, is hosting a series of sustainability themed events in Boston this spring. The first of which is tonight at MassArt. All are invited to this FREE event to explore Indian textile arts that have been practiced in villages and through folklore for centuries and their role in modern, sustainable manufacturing and design.


Jennifer Varekamp -  is an Associate Professor in the Fashion Department at MassArt. She is a costume and clothing designer with a deep interest in sustainable fashion including the traditional techniques and artistry found in cultural dress. She was a selected participant in the “Creative Industries and Sustainable Design” Tour of Germany in 2009 and has participated in numerous conferences and workshops on sustainability in the US and abroad.  She was an invited guest lecturer at NIFT in Delhi, India on this topic. She currently teaches a summer course on Sustainable Fashion at MassArt.

AvniTrivedi - India’s native designer Avni Trivedi is not a newcomer to the industry of fashion design. Avni was born into a textile and fashion immersed family. All of Avni’s designs are crafted from fabrics that are 100% hand-dyed and woven by individual artists while commissioned exclusively by Avni. By requisitioning these fabrics, Avni helps maintain economic stability for her villages of root and keeps these ancient arts alive.The dyes used in Avni creations are chemically free, using herbs and plants to create colors. Avni’s naturally dyed fabrics are created by urban artisans from Mumbai, who use their talents to create the environmentally friendly fabrics.

Seema Krish -  Bombay born Seema Krish is known for her ‘Modern Traditional’ aesthetic in the medium of textiles. In her Boston studio, she creates contemporary textile designs that are combined with traditional textile making techniques. She finds inspiration for her unique visual vocabulary in living between two cultures- East and West. seemakrish the fabric line, founded in 2010, is a unique line dedicated to producing artisanal textiles created by a select group of Indian artisans. The mission is to enhance the lives of both the users and the producers. The products are simple, beautiful, environmentally and socially conscious.