Guest Post: Organizing & Greening Your Home Office

Many prefer to work from home. It is convenient and green to stay at home. However, working at home requires a high level of organization and time management - which makes an orderly home office imperative. 


Here are some tips to make your home office organized and comfortable:

1.       Space – Regardless of the size of your home office, you can  turn it into a more spacious feeling place.  De-cluttering is a great way to make your home office more inviting and efficient. Try going paperless - it is a great way to save trees and keeping your office tidy.

3.       Furniture- The right furniture for your home office is essential.  Surroundings are a great source of inspiration so choose furniture that both reflects your style but also has a story behind it (like fair trade items from Ten Thousand Villages). 

4.       Home gadgets  - Don't place tvs, radios, or game consoles  in your home office. Not only are these distracting, but they waste electricity. 

5.       Light- Lighting is easy to neglect but a well lit office is important. Natural light sources like windows are of course the most pleasant and cost efficient. Also invest for your lighting source even though it may be costly up front (i.e. use compact flourescent or LED lightbulbs).

Sarah Del Rosario is a home improvement blogger from Thrifty Senyorita and currently partners with, one of the leading providers of accessories and furniture for Office