Review: Shikai Natural Tea Tree Shampoo

Pros                                                          Cons     
-Cleans hair well                                       -Doesn't help detangle
-Affordable ($8)                                         -Not widely available (try Whole Foods)
-Smells nice                                             -Contains Diazolidinyl Urea (formaldehyde concerns)
-Rated 2 on EWG                                     -No environmental commitments on website
-No artificial fragrance
-No animal testing
-Made in USA

Conclusion: This product really works. In the past I've used natural shampoos that didn't foam, and the ones that did were considered hazardous by the EWG, so I am thrilled that Shikai is both effective and only a 2 on EWG! Healthwise, this is my ideal shampoo, the only negative is that Shikai has no company-wide environmental commitments (i.e. packaging, reducing carbon footprint, etc.).