Guest Post: Tips for Turning an Old Item of Furniture into Something Funky and Fresh

These days, with the wallet-watching most of us have to do; it’s simply not possible to buy brand new furniture just because something is outdated or looking a little worse for wear.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that repurposing or revamping old pieces of furniture is one of the biggest trends in interior design right now. Of course, reusing old furniture also reduces your carbon footprint, which makes it both a pocket and eco-friendly choice.

Give it a new coat of paint
You’d be surprised what can be accomplished just by adding a new coat of paint - whether you freshen something up with the same color - or change it up completely with a bold and bright finish.
Old dining chairs can be repainted to match a new table, and an outdated dresser can be given a funky new look by being painted fire truck red, or for a slightly more rustic look try a subtle shade of lavender.

Get it reupholstered 
Old sofas or comfy chairs can easily be revamped with some new fabric and even new cushions if necessary. The color and pattern you choose will depend on the rest of your décor. For a minimalistic-type sofa that goes well with plain white walls and a clean-cut look, you can choose soft and subtle colors like baby blue or hazel.

If you’re willing to be a little more adventurous you may want to consider eye-catching colors like yellow, red or even a lush green. Patterns like stripes or squares can also add a lot of character to your home.

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Add some character 
The easiest way to transform an older piece of furniture is to go along with the “old” feel and make it even more rustic. There are different ways to accomplish this, from sanding tables to distressing them with chains for a “used” look.
Having a few pieces of nicely varnished wood chairs or tables mixed in with a couple of sanded ones can give the room a nice contrast. If you choose to sand something, make sure it is a good quality wood that can be stripped without becoming damaged.

A boring and generic-looking wooden table can also be spiced up with a few touches of wall paper. If you do this you’ll have to ensure that the surface is smooth to avoid rips and bubbles.

Take it outside 
A chair or sofa that just doesn’t match your interior décor anymore may be perfectly suitable as a piece of garden furniture. You can repaint or upholster them to match an outdoor theme in natural colors like green, brown or eggshell yellow.

Change its purpose
Not all furniture can be made to look new, and sometimes the best thing you can do is change its purpose altogether. A chair that wobbles can be stripped and used to hold potted plants in the garden. The legs of an old table can be removed and used as rustic towel racks, while the tabletop can be put to use as a set of kitchen shelves or a spice rack.

Author: Joyce Del Rosario works as a Community Outreach Specialist at Open College of Art and Design, one of the leading providers of Online Courses in Interior Design. She is also an interior design blogger.