Planning for a Green Weekend in NYC

At the end of the month I am heading down to the Big Apple to attend the Gold Gala event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (donate to the cause by clicking here). Before packing, I am making a plan to make my trip as sustainable as possible:

New York city
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1. Make a packing list, and check it twice (don't want to have to buy an extra toothbrush or deodorant!)

2. Get to town in a sustainable method. Take a bus or train down to NYC, and opt for the subway instead of a cab.

3. Pack light. Light-as-possible bags reduce the amount of fuel needed for a bus/cab.

4. Tell the clerk: "no receipts". What is a trip to NYC without a little shopping? Reduce paper consumption by skipping the receipt.

5. Pack a day bag wisely. Don't go out without bringing a reusable shopping bag and a drink tumbler/mug.

6. Choose eco-aware restaurants and boutiques, and eat vegetarian on the trip.

7. Plan the day out ahead of time to avoid unnecessary travel.

8. Think twice before purchasing anything.