Kids learn about local waterways with "e" inc.

Children at the Warren Prescott K-8 School in Charlestown will discover local waterways and aquatic ecosystems this winter and spring. "e" inc., an environmental nonprofit organization, will introduce the school kids to the secrets of the urban underwater world surrounding the city. Along the way, they'll learn how Boston manages its watersheds and how they can prevent water scarcity at home. I wish they had this program when I was a kid! Sounds like a fun way to learn about your surroundings.

"e" inc.'s past initiatives have been very successful,  increasing students' science test performance by 60% in 2012. All of "e" inc.'s day school programs are orientedtoward encouraging kids to take environmentally positive actions atschool and at home.

The program is sponsored by Massport and is offered at no cost to the school.

 This first grader, Grazyella, shows us her diagram of the ocean floor. She is participating in the program at Winter Hill Community School. 
Photo by Margaret Kent