Green Boutique: Twelve Chairs

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Earlier this week I attended an event at the Twelve Chairs boutique in the Seaport District and I am in love. Twelve Chairs is a super-chic home goods store with an Anthropologie-esque vibe, but the reason I love it is that all of their products must meet certain sustainability and humanitarian criteria! One of the store's co-founders, Miggy Mason, is LEED AP which shows their commitment to offering Boston responsible products for home interiors. Their merchandise must all meet the following standards: 

- Local Business - The product is designed by a company within the USA or Canada. 
- Locally Manufactured - The product is produced within the USA or Canada. 
- Locally Sourced - The materials used to manufacture the product are sourced from within 
  500 miles of the production site. 

- Nontoxic - The inks, dyes, and/or finishes used in the creation of the product have
  minimum impact on the planet and are not harmful to people.
- Organic - The materials used to create the product are Certified Organic.     

- Recycled/ Reclaimed - The materials used to make the product previously existed. 
- Recyclable/ Biodegradable - At the end of its current use, the product can be used again 
  or decomposed.  
- Renewable - The materials used to create the product are from natural, renewable

- Values Driven Company - The company that produces the product demonstrates
  a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 
- Responsible Production/ Manufacturing - The methods used to produce the product
  are focused on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and worker protection. 
- Fairly Traded - The people that create the products are paid a fair, living wage and there 
  is a commitment to social and environmental standards. 
- Responsible Distribution - The product is shipped in a manner that minimizes waste 
  and carbon emissions.