ePantry: Proof that Green Living is Easy Living

My friend and Just Us Gals co-author, Suzanne, recently told me about the California start-up ePantry (FUN FACT: though this company is based in San Francisco, its roots can be traced back to MA: the founders met at Amherst College). The idea behind ePantry is similar to Peapod by Stop & Shop, except that ePantry specializes in delivering green household products (ie. sustainable toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap, etc.) straight to your home depending on your needs and schedule.

You may be wondering how this is more sustainable than going out to buy the eco-products yourself. Well, how many times have you gone into CVS to pick up partyware or paper towels just to find that the most sustainable option has run out or is not available? This happened to me just last week! I ran out to pick up some plates for my Valentines Day Soiree (I don't have enough reusable plates in my tiny apartment for 15 people), and I was hoping to pick up a corn-based biodegradable option, or maybe plain paper - but no - the only option was styrofoam (YUCK!). Needless to say, I made my guests share my reusable plates because I refused to by styrofoam. ePantry is a simple way to avoid this issue. By using ePantry you can make sure your home always has the right amount of sustainable, safe supplies. I look forward to joining, and never having to run out at 8:00am on a Sunday to pick up (unrecycled) toilet paper!