In My Weekend Bag

Off to spend one more long weekend at the beach before the end of summer. Below is my eco packing list!

1. Deodorant is one of those things I always forget to pack, thus it always goes at the top of my packing list. Crystal is great because it does a good job of keeping you dry without aluminum chlorohydrate.

2. Chemical-free sunscreen is a MUST for a beach weekend. 

3. Woodies solid bamboo sunglasses (just purchased these via groupon goods!)

4. A weekend at the beach also requires nail polish in order to quickly repair chips in your pedi caused by playing in the sand. Butter London is a great nontoxic nail polish choice. 

5. Since I'll be avoiding wrinkle-causing UVA/UVB rays with my chemical-free sunscreen, I'll also need a paraben-free self tanner so that I can fake a post-beach glow. I love Fair by FakeBake.

6. Salty seawater gets my lips all chapped, so I'll def be bringing my organic eos lipbalm.

7. Tom's strappy wedges are perfect for apres-beach parties.