We're Eating Less Meat

Apparently I'm not the only one with the New Years Resolution to be a weekday vegetarian. According to a New York Times Blog article  fexitarianism is the next big trend for 2012!

"Some are choosing to eat less meat for all the right reasons. The Values Institute at DGWB Advertising and Communications just named the rise of “flexitarianism” — an eating style that reduces the amount of meat without “going vegetarian” — as one of its top five consumer health trends for 2012. In an Allrecipes.com survey of 1,400 members, more than one-third of home cooks said they ate less meat in 2011 than in 2010. Back in June, a survey found that 50 percent of American adults said they were aware of the Meatless Monday campaign, with 27 percent of those aware reporting that they were actively reducing their meat consumption."

image courtesy of FineCooking.com