New Years Resolutions 2012

Here are my resolutions for the new year! (Some are green, while others are just personal goals). Feel free to comment & add suggestions!

1. Become a weekday vegetarian
2. Do an intensive cardio workout at least 3 times a week
3. Eat more fruits and veggies (organic/local)
4. Use more interesting and active verbs in my writing
5. Stick to my budget
6. Take shorter showers
7. Grow more plants
8. Cook at least one new recipe a month
9. Avoid fast fashion (Forever21, Target, H&M, etc.)
10. Travel to at least one new place every 6 months (I'm thinking Vegas, Chicago, or Napa this year...?)
11. Attend at least two green events per month
12. Not use ANY polystyrene cups
13. Do more sketching/drawing
14. Be on time to work in the morning (I am NOT a morning person)
15. Make someone smile every day