Hugo Naturals Tea Tree and Lavender Balancing Shampoo Review

Pros                                                                             Cons            
- Great price (under $10)                                              - Doesn't get very foamy/lathery

- No parabens, sulfates, petroleom products                  - Not carried in standard drugstores

- Smells great                                                                   (try WholeFoods instead)      

- Vegan                                                                       - Company based in LA (not local)

- No synthetic colors/fragrances

- Effective

      Conclusion: I love this product! At first I didn't think it would work because it didn't get as lathery as shampoos I was used to, but my hair was squeaky clean afterwards. Plus the tea tree is great for the winter when my scalp tends to get a bit dry. And, as you may know from reading this blog, lavender is my favorite scent! I was absolutely thrilled when I found a lavender shampoo made by a responsible company. I would definitely buy this product again.