Preserve Toothbrushes Make Me Smile!

I first heard about Preserve Toothbrushes on Practically Green and was thrilled when I found them at Whole Foods earlier this week. The toothbrush has an ergonomic design and soft bristles, but more importantly, is made from recycled yogurt containers! Even so, the price was very reasonable - so I immediately grabbed one and threw it into my cart.

 Later that night when I opened the package to use the toothbrush for the first time, I noticed that the packaging doubles as an envelope so that you can send your toothbrush back to the company for recycling when you're done with it (no stamp required!). I love this closed-loop, which is echoed in their motto "nothing wasted, everything gained." Furthermore, the brush is equally as effective as my old toothbrush. Preserve gets two thumbs up from me!