Find Gifts at North End Boutiques

Support the local economy this gift-giving season by steering clear of the mall. Area boutiques are a great way to find unique and thoughtful items and support small businesses. Of course, its always a bonus to find a sustainably produced item in a boutique - that would be a  double win!

Here are my top boutique picks for Boston's North End:

5. Sedurre - This recently expanded shop at the corner of Prince St. and Hanover St. is no longer just a lingerie store - they now carry all sorts of women's clothing and accessories.

4. In-jean-ius - The best place to find the perfect fitting high-end jeans! Located on Hanover St.

3. Eclectic - This North St. store is full of fun home goods - including some eco-favorites like Sea Bags.

2. LIT Boutique - Full of sparkly dresses, shoes, jewelry, and bags, it is hard to walk down Hanover St. everyday without stopping in!

1. Shake the Tree - Shake the Tree on Salem St. is my absolute favorite boutique in the North End. It has all sorts of fun things - home goods, clothes, stationary, cookbooks, and more. Plus, I love the international/worldly vibe.