Eco Tourism Adventure at Forever Florida

     Over the holiday weekend, I participated in my first "eco tourism" adventure! My relatives live near Orlando and love to visit Forever Florida which is a 4,700 acre eco-ranch and conservation area. Forever Florida incorporates creative activities to help people of all ages and interests enjoy nature. It includes a working ranch with cows, hogs, cats, dogs, and citrus trees, and is also home to a much more dense and wild conservation area with alligators, bald eagles, deer, jaguar and all manner of birds and reptiles. Visitors have the option of camping, hiking, horseback riding, zip lining, canopy cycling, or partaking in guided safari rides. At the park I zip lined (which was quite the adrenaline rush...but I am no longer afraid of heights!) and pedaled on the canopy cycles (which is one of only two in the world!). Its hard to imagine that this wild adventure is so close to typical vacation spots like Disney World.

    I absolutely loved Forever Florida and would definitely go back. My only criticisms are that the "eco" park did not have available recycling bins and didn't highlight green aspects of the park to visitors.

The Zip Course. I still can't believe I did this - but it was a blast!

The Canopy Cycle. Goes up to 25 feet in the air! An incredible way to view nature!

Cattle Ranch

On the Safari Truck

It was definitely orange season!

We may joke...

but the sign is there for a good reason! (This is just one of FOUR gators I saw at FF!)