When "Eco" is Evil

The words "green," "natural," and "eco," are widely used to market products in today's economy. When they are used properly, these words help consumers purchase more responsible products and make a positive difference in how goods are produced and sold. However, these buzzwords aren't always used to market good products, for example, I was shocked and horrified to see an add for "eco-friendly" cigarettes! I was flipping through a popular woman's magazine when I found this add:

While it is great that this company (Natural American Spirit) is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize its waste, it is still shocking that it is using this to sell cigarettes. This add is morally confusing! Smokers should still strive to quite - regardless of whether they are smoking "green" cigarettes. Afterall, by smoking, they are posing immediate environmental hazards to everyone around them...even long after they've stubbed out their cig (see: 3rd Hand Smoke).