What is the Best Natural Deodorant?

As I explained in my article In the Pits: The Great Deodorant Debate, traditional deodorants often contain dangerous chemical compounds that are known estrogen mimics. Because of the possibility that these deodorants could lead to cancer, I switched to natural deodorant about a year ago. I have now tried two different brands that are much safer than traditional deodorants: Crystal Roll-on and Tom's of Maine. Here are my observations about each:

Crystal                                                            Tom's
Pros: Works well as an antiperspirant,             Pros: Scented varieties smell great,
Long lasting, Rated 0 on Ewg Skin                  Cheaper than Crystal,Doesn't dry out skin,
Deep Database.                                              Has responsible packaging and
                                                                      company commitments to
                                                                      community service.

Cons: About $1 more expensive than              Cons: Doesn't work as well as Crystal
Tom's, Takes a minute to dry after                  as an antiperspirant, Doesn't last as long,
application, Can be drying to skin.                   Rated higher (2) on the
                                                                      Ewg Skin Deep Database.

Conclusion: While Tom's of Maine is a wonderful company that is making a true positive difference for the environment, Crystal Roll On works better and contains safer ingredients. I highly recommend Crystal.