Healthy Fasting Tea by Yogi

I have a bad habit. I am a late-night snacker. I've read and been told over and over again that eating right before bed (or in bed) is bad because that is when your metabolism is the slowest. Lets just say that I do a lot of my "research" for food reviews right before bed. Yikes!

In my quest to break this habit, I decided to try Yogi Healthy Fasting Tea. I was, and still am, skeptical of the product's claims because they haven't been evaluated by the FDA. But, to be honest, I think it just might work! I just had some edamame and a glass of organic milk for dinner, then drank some of the tea about an hour later and another glass right before bed....and guess midnight snacking! This might have been mental, or because edamame is a good source of protein that might of kept me full, but regardless, I'm going to continue using Yogi Healthy Fasting and see how it goes. The tea is made with organic red clover and other "all natural" ingredients/herbs that are known to be appetite suppressants. Plus, Healthy Fasting is herbal tea, meaning it is caffeine-free - a perfect pre-bedtime drink. Bonus: it tastes great!