Green Alma Mater

This past weekend I had a fabulous time at Homecoming Weekend at St. Lawrence University. It was great to see old friends and reminisce, but it was also wonderful to see that SLU is keeping the green dream alive. In between tailgating, party hopping, bookstore shopping, and gossiping, I was able to document a few green observations:

The no-mow zone began while I was a student, and while the initiative was fairly unpopular among students (who thought it would make our campus look unkempt), I was happy to see that the no-mow initiative was going strong. It also gives campus a nature-preserve type vibe, with the birdhouses and sounds of crickets!

 I was thrilled to see signs in the Pub reminding students to buy locally!

And students will have an easier time buying locally anyway because there are lots of new local options such as these locally grown potato chips.