Good Week, Bad Week

Inspired by my fav. weekly blurb in TIME Magazine, I've decided to start doing Good Week, Bad Week (GWBW) Eco-style every Friday!

First off, it has been a great week for Clean Energy in Massachusetts. Tuesday was the Conference on Clean Energy, and the entire week has been packed with energy themed events and educational campaigns. Even though I was not able to attend the conference, I was still able to get some sneak peaks by following live tweets!

NOT such a great week for Reese Witherspoon. The actress was spotted toting a python skin handbag on the 1st, even though the purchase and sale of snake skin is illegal in the state of California. The actress was blasted in the media by PETA and has since apologized. She opted for a leather bag yesterday - a legal choice, but still not the most eco-friendly. tisk tisk

(sorry guys, I have to post this today because I will be hitting the road tomorrow and won't have access to a computer. TGIF!)