7 Ways to have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

1. Stay local. Why leave the metro-Boston area? This is where Thanksgiving began!

2. Cook seasonal dishes from locally grown goods. In MA there are plenty of local cranberries, squash, potatoes and even turkeys. A great goal would be to make your entire feast from ingredients grown/produced within 100 miles or so from where you live.

3. Cook an appropriate amount. Do you always end up throwing out food in the weeks after Thanksgiving? Try to cut down on the waste this year.

4. Skip the nasty casserole. Is there a dish that barely gets touched but you still cook it every year out of tradition? Stick with the delicious traditions and skip the outdated/unloved ones.

5. Do something active. Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature and get a head start on losing that holiday pudge.

6. Store leftovers in glass (or at least reusable) containers. NO PLASTIC BAGS!!!

7. Complete the meal by serving biodynamic wine choices.