Why Glass Jars are a Lasting Trend

I have decided to ban as much plastic from my kitchen as possible. This is a tricky task - and I haven't even begun to think about food packaging because it seems nearly impossible to purchase foods (besides produce) that aren't packaged in plastic of some sort - but I'm trying. I've been successful in not using a zip lock bag for over two years and I've replaced my plastic dishware with ceramic. Next step: cups.

Using old jam jars for cups is super trendy right now. People love the quaint shabby-chic look, while also being able to use glass rather than plastic. Since jam jar glasses are one of the easiest types of RRR (reduce, reuse, and recycle), this trend is sure to stick around. My plan is to recycle or donate an old plastic cup every time i finish a jar of jelly. In a few months I'll have a whole set!