Skindinavia for Party Skin

Halloween is around the corner, followed by MY BIRTHDAY, Thanksgiving, and then holiday season. While I'm sad to kiss summer goodbye, I am so excited for party season to gear up. The only problem is that since I've been giving my makeup box a green makeover, many of the products are more expensive than their drugstore equivalent, and I don't want my makeup to run out too quickly. In an effort to save myself some money and still look great, I decided to try a sample of Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray. The spray isn't really a green product, but it is paraben free and definitely makes my makeup last longer.

After completing my makeup, I closed my eyes and sprayed Skindinavia over my face. It works! My makeup lasted all day - no need for touchups. I plan to only use the spray on occasions where I know I will be out for a long period of time, because while Skindinavia helps prevent makeup overuse, not all of its ingredients are green or healthy. It is rated 6 on the Skin Deep Database which means it is a "moderate hazard," but I'm glad it is paraben free at least!