Philadelphia Bleeds Green

This weekend I had a fabulous time visiting friends in the city of brotherly love. Throughout my various Philly adventures, I was constantly impressed by the level of eco-awareness.

Pictured below was our first little eco-discovery of the weekend, an outdoor greenhouse that also served as an art installation. The design of the greenhouse was designed to represent the skeleton of a woolly mammoth. It was a great metaphor for the circle of life and death and evolution. Plus, tours of this greenhouse were free!

On Sunday we went to the Eagles v. 49ers game, which was lots of fun even though the Eagles lost. All of the cups in the stadium are made of a corn-based compostable material. The napkins were made of recycled paper and even the rally rags/terrible towels that were handed out were made of 100% recycled materials. Football and green living? What a perfect sunday! Turns out Eagles fans really do "bleed green."

Philly also has tons of great thrift shops and vintage stores. I also noticed that purses and wallets made out of post-consumer/reused materials were for sale everywhere! I lovvvvvved the soda can top purses that looked like this:

Keep it up Philly!