Lazy Chef: Brie & Fig Mac n' Cheese

I love mac and cheese. I am a bit of a comfort food fanatic, and a nice homemade baked mac n' cheese is one of my absolute favorites. However, since I'm a self-proclaimed "lazy chef," I often opt for the easier route to my mac n' cheese treat: Annie's Organic Mac n' Cheese. Annie's is wonderful, but it definitely lacks that home-baked taste. I was almost about to suck it up and do some real cooking when I stumbled upon the perfect solution - Gourmet Mac n' Cheeses by Good Tastes! I opted for the Brie and Fig frozen dish and finally decided to try it for dinner last night. It was incredibly delicious, and even though the serving size seemed a bit small, the mac was so rich that I was full in just a few bites.

Good Tastes is a local gourmet mac n' cheese business that was founded by Sarah Pike, a woman who grew up on an organic farm in Maine. She uses her background to bring quality, sustainably grown ingredients to one of America's favorite comfort foods. Good Tastes is based out of Newburyport, MA and is sold exclusively in New England. The only downside is that the products are a bit pricey - but once in a while, this local, quality food is the perfect way to warm up on a cold and hungry night!