About the Author

After last night's Boston Green Drinks event, I realized, not only are people confused about what I do, but that I also have trouble explaining it - AHHH! I am happy to wear many hats (though they are all similar) but I think I need to be more clear about when I'm wearing which hat. Hope that makes sense!

Right now I feel a little bit like my favorite Gauguin painting:

Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where are We Going? by Paul Gauguin

So let me use this post to clear things up. First and foremost, I am a 24 year old St. Lawrence University graduate with a passion for healthy green living, art, policy, fashion, hockey, travel, reading, and socializing. I work full time as a Paralegal for a firm in Cambridge that focuses on pharmaceutical litigation and consumer issues. While I've decided not to go to law school, I enjoy my paralegal job: I have great opportunities to conduct research, draft legal documents, and learn about our justice system. However, outside of my 9 - 5 job, I spend my time researching, reading, and writing about green living. 

Merida Meridian  - I am a contract writer for Merida Meridian's green living blog. Merida is a Boston-based natural fiber area rug company that has been committed to sustainability for over 30 years. I write approximately 5-7 articles per month for their blog and also try do some guest posts for them on other related blogs. 

Boston Green Drinks - I recently began keeping the calendar of local events on the Boston Green Drinks website, under "Green Around Town." I keep my eye out for upcoming sustainability related events and then add them to the calendar so that Bostonians can find a list of all interesting events in one place. 

Examiner - I occasionally write articles on examiner.com/boston. Examiner is a citizen sourced news site. I get paid a (very) small fee for writing on examiner as the North End Green Living expert. 

Boston Green Blog - This is my own blog that I write as a hobby. I use it to notify my readers about upcoming events, write product reviews, share my goals and finds, and basically chronicle my life as a 20-something girl going green in Boston. 

So that is who I am and what I do in a nutshell. Where I am going, I still don't know, haha, but I am always open to content sharing opportunities and networking!