Another Small Step: Avoid Receipts

Unless I'm getting reimbursed for something, I really have no need for receipts. I understand that some people keep them for personal records or whatnot, but at this point in my life, my finances are fairly uncomplicated. Therefore, my latest eco goal is to avoid receipts. Some places (such as Starbucks) are nice enough to ask you if you need a receipt BEFORE they print one, thereby preventing unnecessary waste of paper.  At other places, I've asked them not to print a receipt, and besides the obvious awkwardness of admitting that I'm a crazy hippy, it usually goes over well. Unfortunately, there are yet other places, usually chains, that are required to print out a receipt with every purchase. This is understandable for clothing purchases since garment returning is common, but at my local Dunkin Donuts, there is a little note on the cash register that says "If your server does not give you a receipt, your purchase is free."
Why would I need a receipt for my $2 cup of coffee? I'm not going to return it, I'm not going to be reimbursed for it....yet they have to give me a receipt with every purchase or else?! hmmmm...

To make a long story short, only ask for receipts if you need them.