Smoothing Over Bad Habits

It is August which means everyone is grabbing as much beach time as they can before heading back to school or just being sucked into the cold routine of fall. I have already preached about sunscreen enough times this summer  (and of course suggested my personal favorite natural sunscreen brands: Burt's Bees and Coola). But I know that sometimes tanlines are impossible to avoid. A common bad habit  is to try to minimize stark tanlines by heading out in the sun again, which of course damages and ages your skin.

Instead of baking and re-baking yourself to try to even everything out before the first day back at school or work, try The Tannee. This is not a "green" product, but may be a skin-saver if you are tempted to head back into the sun. The Tannee is a tan-line correcter that you simply smooth onto the un-tanned parts of your skin and blend into the tan parts. It evens out lines without causing you to become a prune in ten years! I recently tried a sample, and was impressed by the un-streaky results, but I plan to use the product very sparingly because I want to avoid tan/sunburn lines entirely!