Rainfest 2011

So remember Friday afternoon when that incredible thunderstorm/hailstorm rolled through Boston at around 3:30pm? Welp, it pretty much demolished the rest of the outdoor events for Friday night at GreenFest. I was looking forward to the eco-fashion show hosted by Nancy's Gone Green, but apparently they were worried about clothes getting wet and cancelled the show. It was extra-unfortunate because the weather cleared up and it ended up being a beautiful night. Oh well, we'll just hope for better weather next year. 

I missed the events on Saturday because I was off to the Seaport district to see my idol, Grace Potter, live in concert! If you are a fan of classic rock with a modern twist, you will LOVE Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. (plus she and the drummer, Matt, met at SLU!) I highly suggest checking them out next time they are in Boston!