DonQ: Drink Sustainably!

   When I first got a PR e-mail from DonQ Rum about their sustainability intiatives, I was immediately skeptical, I mean, a big-name eco-friendly rum? Sounds too good to be true! But, being a true lover of Dark'n'Stormys, I had to test it out (literally! see photo below). The rum was delicious, especially when mixed with all natural ginger beer from Whole Foods. And after reading through their literature, I am confident that DonQ's commitment to sustainability is genuine and cutting edge. They are working to make their distillery the "cleanest and greenest in the spirits industry!"

DonQ rum is produced in Puerto Rico and therefore is also committed to paying fair wages and protecting the unique wildlife of the island. DonQ has an incredible waste reclaimation program and green energy commitment. Unlike other Caribbean and Puerto Rican rum producers, DonQ does not dump dirty wastewater into oceans and streams. They also have a significant portion of their website dedicated to their green initiaties which can be found at