Is Lip Plumper Bad?

I recently tried a sample of "Perfect Pout" lip plumper and tingly "Kiss and Tell" lip gloss by Pure Romances. I absolutely loved the effect of both products. The Kiss and Tell gloss had the perfect amount of color and smelled great and I really liked the tingly feeling, while "Perfect Pout" definitely gave my lips a temporary swollen feeling and look.

However, this got me curious, what exactly lip plumper, and is it safe to use on a regular basis? I had to check it out. First off, the Pure Romances beauty line isn't yet listed on the EWG's Skin Deep Database, so I decided to see if similar products were safe. Lip plumping products ranged from 0 - 8 (on a 1-10 scale from no hazard to known hazards). So it really depends on the varying ingredients of the specific brand of plumper you are using. Plumpers aren't all bad...or all good, which means that shoppers need to be especially aware when they are picking up a new product. It might be a good idea to check the Skin Deep Database before going to the store. Luckily the plumping ingredients in Perfect Pout are essential oils, which, in general, are pretty safe to use. In fact, when looking up various essential oils on the Skin Deep Database, almost all of them came up with a rating of 0, or No Hazard. Whew!