Frozen Yogurt is Better than Air Conditioning

I won't lie, living without AC has been a struggle over the past couple of weeks. If it weren't for the Mirabella Pool and access to my roof, I'd probably have melted to death by now. Another key reason for my survival through this heatwave is frozen yogurt. I love frozen yogurt. I go through about a pint a week, and yes, Ben and Jerry's is an expensive habbit, but not nearly as expensive as air conditioning! However, I've eaten so much half-baked  over the past two weeks, that my brain has become half-baked. It is time for a switch.

Luckily there is another local, all-natural frozen yogurt option: Sweet Scoops! Sweet Scoops is based in Portsmouth, NH and uses rBST-free milk to make their 10 delicious flavors of fro yo. My favorite so far is Coffee Cookies & Cream. Sweet Scoops brand is available at Golden Goose Market and Whole Foods.