Bad Beauty Habbits

1. Flossers. Unnecessary plastic waste.

2. Traditional Deodorant. Parabens and carcinogens galore.

3. Heat styling hair everyday. Once in a while yes, but every day is a waste of electricity and bad for your hair!

4. Tanning.

5. Fast fashion.

6. Chemical hair treatments.

7. Disposible face clothes. Many make-up removers come in one-time use cleansing pads. Try a reusable organic cotton face cloth instead.

8. Petroleum based beauty products.

9. Artificial scents - they are used in many products but they are chemically based and irritating to the skin.

10. Q-tips, wasting materials and pushing wax deeper into your ears at the same time? yikes! Ask your doc about alternatives if you are having trouble giving up your Q tip habbit.