Free Donut Day!

Today is free donut day at Boston's fav coffee spot Dunkin Donuts. Everyone that purchases a beverage of any size can take their pick of any available pastry! yum! I got an iced dunkin dark rost with skim milk and sugar and a cocoa kreme puff (note: this is NOT the way I intended to eat before donning a bikini this weekend...but who can resist a freebee?!). I have one major pet peeve about Dunkin Donuts: when you order an iced coffee (and you accidently forgot your reusable tumbler so you already feel guilty about using a disposible plastic cup) and they put it inside a polystyrene cup. This is SUCH a waste. I understand the idea - it keeps the coffee colder longer and takes care of the condensation problem, but using a polystyrene cup is not the best solution to these problems. There are many companies that make reusable insulated sleeves to fit over iced coffee cups, and the condensation problem can be solved by a coaster. (Coasters are a cute way to add a little fun to your cubicle at work, or to your apartment. See below for some of my fav coaster designs).

Polystyrene (the generic name for styrofoam) is a type of plastic that takes hundreds of years to break down, and is used almost exclusively for disposible purposes. Because these cups, packing peanuts, plates, etc. are all disposible, they become litter very easily. This is gross enough, but the problem is made worse because when polystyrene starts to break apart, it releases both known and suspected carcinogens, like benzene. These items become toxic to marine life and also contribute to the destruction of the Ozone layer because polystyrene is made using HCFCs.

So, when you go get your donut, please say "No, Thanks!" to the unnecessary polystyrene cup.

And say yes to these adorable coasters:
Lilly Pullitzer coasters add a bit of Palm Beach prep to any space (wayyyy classier and cuter than styrofoam)

I LOVE these agate slice coasters from Urban Outfitters. My Grandmother, who was a Geologist would have adored these!

I'm not sure who designed these sailor knot coasters, but they are awesome!