Survival Guide for a Summer without AC

Last summer, the heat was brutal, and based on the holiday weekend weather, I'd say we're in for another hot hot Boston summer. Last year I somehow managed to survive in a 5th floor apartment with NO AIR CONDITIONING.

Here were some survival skills that kept me alive during the especially hot days:

1. Drinking lots of water. (duhhhh)

2. A good window fan. (Yes, they use electricity, but not nearly as much as a window AC unit!)

3. Cold showers.

4. Pool membership. (I have an undying love for the North End Pool)

5. Facial toner/astringent. (Feels sooo good to get all of the oil off your face, neck, and back)

6. Window curtains/shades. (close them during the day to keep the sun out)

7. Crystal brand liquid deoderant. (chemical free, and, in my experience, works just as well as traditional deoderant)

8. Sunscreen. (Its a lot easier to sleep at night if you aren't sunburnt!)

9. Ben and Jerrys. (Lots and Lots of Ben and Jerrys)