Exciting Happenings!

This week has been full of exciting things for me and for BGB.

1) Just got some pretty "sustainability writer" business cards printed up by Pixxlz on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Plus, Pixxlz is a local company, so I'm going to walk over to their office and pick up my order instead of having them shipped.

2) I had a great time at the 80% Challenge Climate Change event. I saw old friends from the Sustainable Endowments Institute and the Sustainable Performance Institute (formerly the Nexus Green Building Resource Center). At the event I learned a lot about who believes in climate change and who doesn't. There are some very interesting demographic stats.

3) Getting pumped for EarthFest 2011 tomorrow afternoon!

4) Just started using an amazing organic face lotion (product review coming soon) and I feel great.

5) Was told I am one of "the most prolific bloggers" (yay!)

6) Lots of new followers on twitter ....partially because I went on a major following spree yesterday and this morning.

7) IT STOPPED RAINING IN BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!! fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!