Behind Boston Green Blog

The mission of Boston Green Blog is to foster excitement for conscious, sustainable living in the greater Boston area. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email

Cameron Bruns

Cameron is a marketing manager at The Nature Conservancy and is passionate about green living and the "conscious consumer" movement. She founded, a sustainable lifestyle resource, in 2010. Her goal is to promote ethical, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle choices to Boston residents. She also co-founded Just Us Gals (JUGS) a women's entrepreneurship blog.

When she isn’t blogging or at work, Cameron is an educator at Follain and a "desk diva" at Recycle Studio. She loves to read, visit art museums, and sip on wheat beers and locally made wines. All opinions expressed this blog are that of Cameron and not of The Nature Conservancy.

Abbey Foucart

A past and current resident of Massachusetts, Abbey recently received a BA in Professional Writing & Rhetoric from Elon University in North Carolina. Her love for the environment, nature, and  farming led her to the life-altering experience of working on a farm in Portugal over the summer. She has also advocated in her local area for bat conservation and better composting practices.

Hoping to balance her English language skills with her environmental and sustainability passions, Abbey was ecstatic at the opportunity to write for Boston Green Blog. Her previous work includes copy editing, writing, consulting for writing, and interning at a local garden. Apart from simply spending time in nature, she enjoys cooking elaborate meals and reading books recommended by her mother.

Casey Byrd

Casey is a Kentucky native and lifelong farmer. They have worked in the culinary industry for 12 years and enjoy innovative vegan cooking. Their professional interests lie within the sustainability, environmental policy, and agroecology field. They volunteer with Clean Water Action Massachusetts as a youth advisory board member and advocate for human rights in relation to environmentalism.

Amanda Shea

Amanda is a conscious content creator, focusing on minimalism, eco-friendly/zero waste practices, and health/wellness. By day, she works as a marketer and owns a small creative studio providing marketing services and content for clients.

She is the founder of Voices of Anxiety, a site dedicated to bringing awareness and the destigmatization of anxiety and other mental health conditions.

In her free time, she enjoys creating vegan recipes, practicing yoga and walking the beach with her dog. 





Anna Menke

Anna is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the environment. She recently graduated from Princeton University where she earned a degree in anthropology and environmental studies. This academic track, and her thesis research on indigenous environmental justice in Nicaragua, provoked her deep curiosity in human interaction with the natural environment. Anna now works at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on the EDF+Business team, where she focuses on engaging Fortune 500 businesses to advocate for climate policy and a low carbon economy. 

Anna played for Princeton's varsity women's lacrosse team, so in her free time she follows the sport and volunteers to coach for youth programs. The views expressed on this blog are Anna's own and do not represent the views of the Environmental Defense Fund.